About Us


Greetings from your hosts, the Kelehers

Hello and welcome to Millstream cottages! We look forward to welcoming vacationers, returning and new, and hope you feel at home during your stay. Millstream Cottages is a place where friends and family come together to connect, relax, and create new and lasting memories!

Millstream cottages sits on a 7-acre property overlooking the Mill Pond, just outside of Prince Edward Island National Park at Brackley Beach. The cottages have been a location for summer accommodation for over 50 years! Originally built by the MacCallum Family in the late 60’s, the cottages have been renovated through the years with new additions and recent renovations completed by the VanderZwaag Family who operated the cottages from 2001 to 2018.

The name of the cottages comes from the sawmill at the bottom of our pond which was used to mill raw lumber by the MacCallum Family about 70 years ago. The mill was powered by water from the pond. To this date, the sawmill provides the dam for our pond, and although in disrepair, it can be viewed if you spend time with us.

We feel very fortunate to share this little corner of PEI with its natural beauty and history, and hope that our guests feel every bit at home here as we do! To us, the most important qualities to embody as hosts are cleanliness and friendliness and we aim to make your stay a pleasant one!

We look forward to seeing you at Millstream Cottages!

Richard and Ryoko Keleher